Civil War Websites! 

          Links to Civil War websites can be found on this page. If you have a Civil War website you would like added to this page, please contact me from the contact page. Links will be added in alphabetical order.

Bits of Blue and Gray
    An American Civil War notebook.

Civil War Talk
    A forum for questions and discussions about the American Civil War!

Irish in the American Civil War
    Exploring Irish involvement in the American Civil War.

Massachusetts Civil War Research Center
    This site contains a comprehensive collection of information pertaining to soldiers, sailors and marines who served in Massachusetts units and regiments during the Civil War.

MassHome Directory of Massachusetts Civil War Web Sites

The American Civil War Homepage
    From the blood soaked plains of Manassas, to the smoke filled skies of Atlanta, and finally to the tear filled eyes at Appomattox.  For four of the bloodiest years in the history of this Republic the war raged. It started as Yanks and Rebs, it ended as "Americans!!"

The Civil War Home Page
    Dedicated to the participants, both North and South, in the great American Civil War 1861 - 1865.

The Civil War Roundtable of Gettysburg, PA.
    "The most important Roundtable, in the most important small town, at the most important battlefield, in the most important country in the world." —Joe Mieczkowski, past president.