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American Civil War

          Welcome! In this American Civil War museum, you will see Civil War pictures of army life, Union officers, Union generals and silk ribbons that Corporal Regan glued within his Civil War diaries.

          You will learn about his diaries. A most unique documentation of military service, poetry, songs, short stories, jokes, general orders and more! How they were found, their author discovered and pictures of the two hardbound diary manuscripts.

          You will learn about Corporal Timothy J. Regan. A Union infantry soldier with no known photograph.

          You will learn about his regiment, the 9th Massachusetts Volunteers. An all Irish infantry regiment from Boston, Massachusetts.

          You will read entries taken directly from Corporal Regan's diaries. Entries describing army life and Civil War battles such as Gettysburg. Also some of the many Civil War poems, Civil War songs, Civil War short stories and more that he documents.

          You will learn about American Civil War history. From the information and resources shared in this museum, to gain insight and knowledge about the Civil War and the people in it.

American Civil War History

First Manuscript

My Diary
In Which Are Recorded The Movements
The Ninth Massachusetts Volunteers in the war against
The Rebellion In The United States.
Containing Anecdotes, and Specimens of Poetry of The
Collected from the newspapers, and from the lips of my
comrades around the camp-fire. And from personal
Observation And Experience.

The Diaries of Corporal Timothy J. Regan

Second Manuscript

My Diary
In Which Are Recorded The Movements
The Ninth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, In The
Against The Rebellion In The United States of America.
Also Cotaining
Anecdotes And Specimens Of The Poetry Of The War.
Collected from the newspapers, and from the lips of comrades
around the camp fire.
And from personal observation and experience in the service.
With other later memoranda.
Continued from another manuscript.

Join Corporal Regan And The Ninth Massachusetts In The American Civil War!

Apr. 15 1861 - Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States called on the Loyal States to furnish 75,000 three months men to put down the rebellion. Recruiting offices are open in nearly every ward of the city of Boston, and the greatest excitement prevails everywhere. Major Anderson surrendered Fort Sumpter to the rebels today after a two days bombardment from the rebel batteries in Charleston harbour, under Beauregard.

Apr. 20 - I enlisted in Company “E”, of the 13th Massachusetts Volunteers. Captain M. H. Macnamara, which Company is to be mustered into service shortly, I am told.

                The 6th Regiment M.V.M. which left here for Washington a few days ago, was attacked by a mob of roughs in Baltimore yesterday. The 6th lost three men killed, and seven wounded. The mob lost nine killed, and the number of wounded cannot be ascertained. Great excitement in Boston.

May 3 -  The President has issued a proclamation for 42,034 men to serve three years if not sooner discharged and our regiment has signed the enlistment roll under the new call.

May 20 - Our regiment is in camp on Long Island, Boston Harbour, together with another regiment, (the 14th) both regiments are composed almost wholly of Irishmen and are known as the “Irish Brigade.” The 11th regiment and the 12th are in Fort Warren, the 2nd is in Fort Winthrop, and the 1st is in camp near Somerville; and all are hard at work learning to be soldiers, and preparing themselves for active service in the field. Our number is changed from the 13th to the 9th, and the 14th regiment is disbanded as the State authorities say that there are more volunteers than there are any need of. There are persons who don’t think so.

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